DAMapping framework

The DAMapping framework is a component of the DAMapping object mapping stack for Java.

The DAMapping framework provides a way to structure object mapping code as fragments isolated in dedicated classes.

The framework frees the developer from the interface + class code ceremony required to glue the fragments together and/or with the rest of the application while respecting loose coupling and good testability.

The framework integrates nicely with Dependency Injection frameworks in order to reduce the overhead of writing of object mapping even less.


To use the DAMapping framework you only need to add its jar file to your classpath.

For Maven users, you can do so by adding the following dependency:

    <!-- scope does not need to be explicitly specified, default scope works just fine -->

That’s it!

Getting started

Checkout the getting started with DAMapping framework page.

Framework Documentation

To get extending understanding of how to use the framework, checkout the documentation of the DAMapping framework.