Professional Profile

Goal-driven technical professional with an illustrated track record of innovation in high quality software development, complex systems modelling, cloud-based architecture, and backend programming for high-traffic website. 15 years expert in Java development and Python programming. Eager to learn and adopt new approaches and languages to fulfil requirements particular to unique contexts. Demonstrated expertise in technology management, including application server management and knowledge sharing. Conversant to industry trends and driving continuous improvement through the adoption of new tools and methodologies. Proven leader recognized for strong technical acumen, as well as dynamic problem-solving, communication, interpersonal, analytical, and decision-making skills.


  • Technical Design Domain Driven Design ▪ Business Rules Analysis ▪ Research & Development ▪ Programming Open Source Mapping ▪ Quality Assurance Production Troubleshooting ▪ Stakeholder Engagement ▪ Performance Optimization (SQL, CPU/Mem, Cross-Service)

Career Summary

Cloud Engineer / Machine Learning Engineer

SonarSource ▪ Annecy, France ▪ 2022 - 2024

Technical Assets

AWS (CDK, EC2, Step Functions, S3, System Manager), Python3, Jupiter, Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, Java 11, Bash, Makefile


  • Collaborated closely with SonarSource's Machine Learning (ML) scientists, providing integral support to their research initiatives through the creation of cloud-based solutions tailored to their requirements.
  • Effectively influenced ML research directions, ensuring alignment with operationalization constraints on SonarCloud and other products within the Sonar portfolio.
  • Scouted the operationalization of an ML model for a SonarCloud rule.
  • Wrote a Java-based implementation from scratch of the reference model’s implementation in Python (Scikit-learn)
  • Reinforced Python-based reference implementation through integrating Scikit-learn to streamline overall deployment and implementation.

Application Architect on SonarCloud

SonarSource ▪ Annecy, France ▪ 2021 - 2022


  • Main contributor to the modelling of SonarCloud along well-defined Domain-Driven Design (DDD) domains to prepare its refactoring from a monolith based on SonarQube to a fully micro-service-based architecture.
  • Organized the training with an external vendor on DDD and then lead the task force made of team- and skill-representing members of the team, into defining the domains
  • Successfully implemented an innovative technical-free modelling approach over several months to build a future proof service and team architecture.
  • Led a team restructure (in a Reverse Conway Manoeuvre) around the defined domains and achieved clearer, smaller-scoped, and better scaling responsibilities, as well as comprehensive work sharing initiatives and community support among squads.

Cross-Teams Senior Software Engineer

SonarSource ▪ Annecy, France ▪ 2020-2021

Technical Assets

MyBatis, Elasticsearch, Maven, Gradle, Github actions, Cirrus-ci, Postgresql


  • Determined engineering topics crossing product team boundaries (testing, CI/CD) to support Release Engineering Team at SonarSource: a support team bringing common tooling around CI/CD and responsible for consistent and secure management of technical artefacts.
  • Delivered Proof-of-Concepts and research for product teams ahead of feature development. Topics included Elasticsearch (ES) upgrades, Asynchronous indexing into ES, Security Token storage and management
  • Provided engineering consultations and design support to developer squads on demand.

Backend Software Engineer on SonarQube

SonarSource ▪ Annecy area, France ▪ 2020 - 2021

Technical Assets

Java 1.4 to 8, Maven, Gradle, MyBatis, Elasticsearch, Bash, Jenkins, Postgresql, Mysql, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, Git, Github, Jira


  • Operated as a Backend Developer on SonarQube (SQ) for five years while cooperating closely with founding partners of organization.
  • Leveraged instrumental impacts toward the design and code of the core features and concepts still in active existent programs presently.
  • Directed the design, implementation and optimization on a multi-process software made of a Java-based Webserver, a Java-based task processor, and embedded Elasticsearch.
  • Designed and coded a generic task processor and the report processing task in SonarQube.
  • Honed expertise in troubleshooting and fixing performance issues with both the JVM and the database to ameliorate issues of all sizes on four various DBMS.
  • Completed memory flow optimization on the JVM along with database design and SQL optimizations on four DBMS targeting SQ instances of all sizes, including schema and data migrations.

Senior Developer

Ekino ▪ Paris, France ▪ 2014 - 2015

Technical Assets

Java 7, Spring Core/Mvc/Batch, MyBatis, MySQL, LiquiBase, Puppet, Capistrano, Logstash, Graylog2, RabbitMQ, Guava, Mockito, TestNG, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Tomcat, Apache, Linux, bash


  • Developed an innovative digital safe solution of the French postal office called Digiposte.
  • Stewarded technical revamp from PHP to JAVA along with deep spring MVC customization, Thymeleaf integration, and SQL optimization.
  • Tailored asynchronous processes along with Puppet/capistrano configuration in line with corporate specifications.

Senior Developer / Technical Supervisor

Fullsix ▪ Paris, France ▪ 2010 - 2014

Technical Assets

Java 7, Spring, GraniteDS, Oracle, CXF, JMS, ActiveMQ, LiquiBase, Guava, Mockito, TestNG, Maven, Git, Tomcat, Apache, Linux, Jenkins, Sonar, bash


  • Conceptualized and implemented SFR's Flex application for customer service and shops, including full integration and automation of platform.
  • Facilitated software development lifecycle to streamline sales; managed continuous integration, quality assurance, source control, and release management.
  • Oversaw technical support, incident investigations, and solutions design to enhance client experience.
  • Conducted user requirements analysis and feasibility research to maximize scalability.
  • Launched and engineered a bespoke online store which serviced a diverse user base.
  • Appointed two consecutive years to a four-person team of experts forming the on-call Support Level 3 for all web-based applications of SFR (2nd telco-company in France)


Ginerativ ▪ Paris, France ▪ 2004 - 2010

Technical Assets

Java 5, EJB3, Oracle, PL/SQL, JDBC, XML, JAX-WS, Struts, JSP, Maven, multi-threading, Swing, SVN, JBoss, Apache


  • Created corporate website, Contracts Decision Automation System (DAS), and corresponding web services.
  • Successfully directed off-shore applications development projects in Tunisia.
  • Led user research and feasibility studies which contributed to design, development, and maintenance activities.


  • Devoxx FR 2015 – hands-on lab - Compile-time annotation processing: @Nailed("it")


  • Master of Engineering in Computer Software Development ▪ ESIEA ▪ Paris, France
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Development (First Class Honours) ▪ Anglia Polytechnic University (APU) ▪ Chelmsford, UK
  • High School Graduate with Mathematics, Biology, and Technical Majors ▪ Notre Dame la Riche ▪ Tours, France


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Practitioner


Photography ▪ Editing ▪ Movies ▪ Comic Books ▪ Plays ▪ Video Games ▪ Boulder and Rock Climbing ▪ Hiking ▪ Nordic and Alpine Ski