Engineering software for 20+ years

Goal-driven technical professional with an illustrated track record of:

  • innovation in high quality software development
  • complex systems modelling, thanks to strong analytical skills
  • cloud-based and on-premises architecture design and backend programming for high-traffic websites
  • dynamic problem-solving and troubleshooting, including during production incidents

15+ years expert in Java development, focused on Python-based programing for the last 2 years.

For more details, career summary, talks, certifications, trainings, and education, see my resume.

Online profiles

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I write tips on the frequent small technical challenges I face and solve. Sometimes, I write longer technical pieces or tutorial-level texts as articles.

In both cases, I do so because I may look them up someday, and because it may help someone searching the web.

Active projects

  • PyLMS A demo, yet useful, project for Python development, software engineering best practices, software and cloud architecting, and technology learning
  • Phanas Desktop The Python-based GUI program acting as the client app for my home backup strategy across desktop devices at home
  • rsync-time-backup The backbone on my home backup strategy. Notably adapted the bash script to very limited Busybox-backed linux commands

Completed projects

  • Public-Git-Sync Created a tool at SonarSource, 100% based on hardcore Git and bash, to synchronize public code of a branch in a private repository to a branch in a public repository
  • Jirac Command line Bash utility to generate Jira comments from Git commits on a Maven project

Abandoned projects

  • DAMapping A stack of components to implement object mapping in Java with complete source control for the developer